Shops to visit

Arai Darumaya

The darumas they make by hand using traditional techniques that have been handed down for over 100 years are famous for making your wishes come true. As Arai Darumaya makes a lot of original darumas that are novel and suited to the times, as well as traditional Aishu darumas that are red and round, they are perfect as souvenirs of your trip. 
4-11-22 Higashiyawata, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Toyo Inbo

Toyo Inbo has a highly skilled artisan who is a first grade seal carving technician qualified by the country and has received top awards in some national contests. You can visit the shop and see him wholeheartedly carving one-of-a-kind seals one by one.
1-5 Akashicho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

A diner at Hiratsuka Fishing Port

The diner serves seafood dishes made with fresh seafood caught in Hiratsuka on that day. You don’t know what you can eat until you go there because they decide what goes on the menu based on fish caught on that day.
51-14 Sengokugashi, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Kappo Restaurant Takeman

This restaurant with its tasteful bamboo-based design serves exquisite dishes made with carefully selected ingredients from all over the country, such as seafood caught in Sagami Bay, vegetables produced by local farmers, conger eels from Awaji, and matsutake mushrooms from Iwate. You can enjoy your dishes in a private room. The restaurant also serves halal dishes and vegetarian and vegan dishes.
37-3 Hanamizudai, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Shonan-daira Scenic Restaurant Flat

You can enjoy the best view in Shonan and lunch made with local ingredients. The restaurant is 181 m above sea level with commanding views of Miura Peninsula, Enoshima, Izu, Hakone, and Mt. Fuji. It serves lunches, pizzas, and hamburgers made with fresh fish caught in Sagami Bay and fresh vegetables delivered directly from farmers so that guests can enjoy seasonal ingredients that are produced locally. Please have a relaxing time in Shonan-daira. 

790 Manda, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN


The restaurant serves raw whitebait caught every morning in Hiratsuka and other fish dishes made with locally caught fish, such as tempura, as well as handmade specialty soba noodles. You can also enjoy fresh, unique Kamakura vegetables. 
54-2 Togahara, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Getting Here

A tourist destination, just one hour from Tokyo

Hiratsuka City is conveniently located because it is approx. 60 km southwest of Tokyo and roughly a one-hour train ride or drive from there! As it is also roughly a 30-minute train ride or drive to the neighboring tourist destinations of Kamakura and Hakone, you can casually visit Kamakura and Hakone when you have time during your stay in Hiratsuka.


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