You can enjoy the Tanabata Festival, which is famous for its bamboo decorations that are said to be the best in Japan and many other events only Hiratsuka can offer. 

Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival

The Shonan Hiratsuka Tanabata Festival is held for three days from Friday to Sunday in early July of every year. It is said to be one of the biggest tanabata festivals in Japan, and its big, gorgeous bamboo decorations are famous as the best in Japan.
The tanabata festival was started in 1951 in hopes of helping the recovery of Hiratsuka devastated and burned down by the air raids in July 1945. In the festival, approx. 500 bamboo decorations are placed on the Hiratsuka Station North Exit Central Shopping Area, and the large decorations taller than 10 m lined up in the main venue are especially spectacular. At night, you can enjoy fantastic tanabata decorations lit up by the lights. In addition, the Tanabata 1,000 People Dance Parade where approx. 1,000 dancers dressed in yukata dance along the tanabata decorations and other events where bands and yosakoi dance teams parade along them are also held. There are about 400 stalls selling yakisoba, shaved ice, and other foods as well as booths for shooting games and that sell a variety of merchandise. You can enjoy typical Japanese festival foods. 

Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Shonan Hiratsuka Igo festival

Minoru Kitani, a 9-dan igo professional player who achieved excellent results in the world of igo from the Taisho era to the Showa era, opened Kitani Dojo in Hiratsuka and trained many professional igo players. So Hiratsuka City calls itself the “City of Igo Hiratsuka” and holds various events. The Shonan Hiratsuka Igo Festival held every October is one of the biggest igo events in Japan and features various events, such as the 1,000 Player Competition where participants from all over the country play against professional igo players and a get-together between professional players and igo fans. 
Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Shonan Yosakoi Festival

In the Shonan Yosakoi Festival held every June, dancers in gorgeous costumes give a dynamic dance performance with clappers in their hands. 
Beniyacho, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

Shonan Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival

In the Shonan Hiratsuka Fireworks Festival held in late August of every year, gankake hanabi, daruma-shaped fireworks that carry people’s prayers, are launched as well as gorgeous star mine fireworks and shakudama fireworks. Star mine fireworks with music called Hanabillusion are a spectacle!
Sengokugashi, Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa, JAPAN

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Hiratsuka City is conveniently located because it is approx. 60 km southwest of Tokyo and roughly a one-hour train ride or drive from there! As it is also roughly a 30-minute train ride or drive to the neighboring tourist destinations of Kamakura and Hakone, you can casually visit Kamakura and Hakone when you have time during your stay in Hiratsuka.


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